We in North Carolina, particularly in the Research Triangle Park region, bear a special allegiance to the scientific method, the search for truth and the pursuit of happiness for all.  The universities, bio-science, and Information Technology organizations that benefit us greatly owe their existence to the practice of science.  And they exist and aim to serve all communities – by researching the impact of climate change on the Outer Banks and the coast, of coal, solar, and wind energies, of losing health insurance, of not expanding Medicaid, of the lack of medical providers across huge areas of the state, and of scientifically unsound legislation on people’s lives, mental and physical well-being, on diverse and vital communities, and on our state’s economy. It is this shared prosperity that is threatened when the government intrudes with a political agenda that is meant to diminish science capacity to serve our citizenry.

We march for the elimination of political influence of politicians on the work of ongoing science.  We deserve public policies that are based on the best available evidence. We implore the prioritization and increased focus on STEM education in our schools.   We hold our leaders, both in science and in politics, accountable to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and integrity. We are asking for your support. Political roadblocks in the pursuit of objective truth does not just threaten scientists, but America as a whole.  The people who most need us are the ones more affected by our silence. We cannot be bystanders anymore. We must take a stand, now is the time.